Why should I have one of these web thingys?

Or What can the Internet do for my business?

Putting your business on the Internet means that you can market your product or service to millions of potential customers at a relatively low cost.

You can use your website to generate new business, provide additional information and to sell online. Website content is versatile and you can include your business videos, photographs and work portfolios.

Your business website can be used in conjunction with other types of advertising such as the Yellow Pages, Community news, sponsorship, leaflet drops and vehicle signage to funnel potential customers into your business.

You can work the online market and target potential customers on facebook and myspace.

Having an online presence helps customers find your business, get directions to you or find out about you via their iphones if they are travelling.

If you want to sell your business in the future, your website statistics will provide a valuable record of good will.

Additional benefits:

Creating a website is a one-off cost. Once your website is on the Internet, you only have to pay a low monthly hosting fee.

  • It is easy to upgrade – refreshing the design is not an expensive task.
  • You can make your business look professional and bigger than it actually is – good for all those home-based businesses.
  • Using the Internet can help you find similar businesses to yours – useful for cross-referring during stressful workloads and beneficial in quieter times.
  • You can’t answer customer queries 24/7 but your website can.
  • It is easy to see if you are getting visitors and where they are clicking from.
  • It is useful for testing the waters if you have an unusual business and want to attract customers before opening a shop.

If you don’t get a website, your competitors soon will. Be a ground breaker in your field.

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