How it Works

This is what you can expect after a consultation with Web Maiden.

Webmaiden works for you not the Graphic designer or Web Developer. You can leave the website building to Webmaiden so you can get on with your business!

  • Initial meeting with Web Maiden (after hours available) to discuss your business requirements.
  • Web Maiden researches options and puts together a list of recommendations, prices and information

If and When you decide to go ahead:

  • Design brief is taken and communicated to designer
  • Site Plan organized and approved
  • Content Is compiled – Information, images, keywords and phrases
  • WebMaiden liaises with all the required professionals, not you
  • You sit back and give us your approval and feedback
  • When it is time to go live, WebMaiden will follow all the technical issues with the hosting provider

After going live:

  • Forward plan any further marketing
  • Webmaiden will assist in maintaining your site if required for a reasonable fee

Webmaidens desired time frame for building a website: As soon as 4-5 weeks.

Interested please see Webmaiden’s Services or contact us now