Why a web broker?

or Why Do I Need a Consultant like Web Maiden?

” A sunflower in a garden of weeds”

You’ll get FREE unbiased information about websites.

You will be helped through the whole process of getting online with no hassles and no unnecessary expenses.

You will be guided towards the best design and functionality for your particular business and referred to an appropriate web developer.


Web Maiden provides you with a free project managing service to ensure all elements of your website come together AND can provide continuing support after your website goes live for a small fee.


  1. There are many, many web developers to choose from. We will find the right one for you and you won’t have to deal with multiple sales people.
  2. You will have someone working for you independently
  3. We can answer many of the questions that a website sales person may not be able to answer.
  4. We can clear any confusion and get answers for you from your web developer
  5. Your website won’t stall or get put in a web developer no further action pile.
  6. You will get the website you expect to get.


WebMaiden can really assist you. If you are only relying on your website developer to make the changes, it can be expensive and time-consuming. Not so with WebMaiden! Let us take care of it.

We will make certain your website is actioned on time and in the way you want. We will get you a quick response to any changes and make sure that building your website is a smooth process.

Contact us now for an obligation free consultation.